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Vines and Terroirs Ltd

Our aim at Vines and Terroirs is to be the closest link to winemakers and the French Terroirs. Our company is willing to seek the lowest yields in the different Estates and bring to you an authentic experience of the terroir.

Our partners are delighted to invite you to visit your favourite wineries from our selection in France.

We are hosting a broad range of events, from Michelin Stars Wine dinners to rooftop parties and boat trips which help our reputation on the market continue to grow. We promote our wines efficiently and effectively to both B to B and final customers

Vines and Terroirs Ltd

Alsace wine brands/wineries

Albert Boxler
Charles Frey

Vines & Terroirs Limited
1203, 12/F, Cable TV Tower,
No.9 Hoi Shing Road, NT

Promotion details

1-31 Oct

On shelf promotion from 1 - 31 Oct

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